Golf Course & Practice Facility Dress Code

  1. Golfers must wear proper golf attire at all times.
  2. Men may not wear jeans, bathing attire, T-shirts, shirts without collars, gym shorts, tank tops, mesh shirts, cut-offs, tennis shorts and shorts less than 17-inches long on the out seam. No cargo shorts allowed on golf course and practice area. Shirt must be tucked in at all times.
  3. Ladies may not wear jeans, bathing attire, T-shirts, gym shorts, tank tops, tube or halter tops, mesh shirts, cut-offs, tennis skirts or shorts less than 17-inches long on the out seam. Dress shirts without collars are permitted; however, shirts must have a collar if they do not have sleeves.
  4. Juniors - normal junior sportswear, which means shirts with a collar, decent length slacks or skirts. No cut-offs or jeans.
  5. Metal spikes are not permitted.

Anyone not conforming to the dress code outlined above will be asked to change before he or she will be allowed to play golf or use the practice facilities.

Clubhouse & Facilities Dress Code

Living in a country club community requires members to adhere to a minimum set of standards for dress, decorum and courteous behavior. These requirements apply to all Treviso Bay members, their families, guests and tenants. They will be enforced at all times, and everyone's cooperation and support are appreciated. Failure to comply with stated guidelines may result in denial of service.


  • Members and tenants must abide by our dress code policy and are responsible for ensuring their guests are appropriately attired in accord with the policy. The department manager on duty will be responsible for ensuring compliance with policies and guidelines and has the authority to refuse service.
  • Interpretation of guest compliance is at the discretion of the manager on duty.
  • Personal cell phones must be turned off or be in silent/vibrate mode while in the Clubhouse dining areas and while in the Villa Rilassare complex to include pool deck, fitness center, spa, and dining/bar areas. Voice conversations are not permitted in any of these Clubhouse or Villa Rilassare locations.
  • No clothing with profanity or offensive language/design is permitted anywhere on the Clubhouse grounds or the Villa Rilassare grounds.
  • Smoking and Vaping are allowed only in designated areas.
  • Please check flyers and website for dress code for special events. Some events may require formal wear.


Main Dining Room

  • Resort Casual: Collared or golf shirt, trousers or Bermuda shorts for gentlemen and similar attire for ladies.
  • Jean shorts, distressed jeans, t-shirts and flip flops are not permitted during dining hours.
  • Grande Dining Room attire is dependent upon the event. Communications for events held in the Grand Dining Room will include the appropriate attire for the affair.


  • Resort Casual - Golf shirts, Bermuda shorts and designer jeans.
  • T-shirts and flip flops are not permitted.


  • Seated and Bar Service Areas: Ladies must have a cover-up that conceals their bathing suit, men are required to wear shirts, children's diapers need to be covered. Thong swimwear is not permitted in pool or grille area.


  • Dry attire, shirt, or cover-up and shoes are required.


  • Fitness area requires closed toe and heal, non-marking athletic shoes. Unaltered shirts that cover the entire chest, stomach and back are required. No jeans/denim, cargo shorts, pants with belts or zippers are permitted.


  • While within the common ground areas men are required to wear shirts.


  • Casual attire is required.

Smoking Policy

The use of all tobacco and smoking products, including chewing tobacco and electronic cigarettes (E-cigarettes), is prohibited at any TPC Treviso Bay amenity area except as designated in this policy. Smoking is prohibited on TPC Treviso Bay property with the exception of the golf course, defined as, from the first tee through the eighteenth green. Smoking is not permitted in or around the Clubhouse, the practice facility, the cart staging area or restrooms on the course. These areas will be designated as Smoke Free Zones. Players wishing to smoke on the course should be courteous to and respect the preferences of their playing partners. Cigarette and cigar butts must be extinguished properly and discarded safely in a trash receptacle or temporary container on the golf cart such as an empty cup, can or bottle.